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Any nonresident who wishes to apply for big game hunts in the 10% drawing pool can only apply using a registered outfitters number. YOU MUST HAVE A HUNTER ID NUMBER and if you hunted in New Mexico last year you must fill out a harvest report. This is mandatory.  Nonresident applicants for big game license may apply without an outfitter number but will be placed in the 6% drawing pool for licenses.

If using an outfitter in New Mexico, both the outfitter and hunter are required to sign a contract prior to the draw/lottery. Each contract must be dated, signed by all parties and designate the terms, compensation and services to be provided by the registered outfitter.

 Click here to get your ID number
from the NM Game and Fish.

Attention Hunters

There is a required game-hunting license also for the 2014/2015 license year. It is currently only available through the big game application process.

Click below to go directly to New Mexico Game and Fish Dept.

Online License System

Access the Online License System to obtain your Customer Identification Number, apply for draw hunts, purchase licenses, print free permits, check draw results and more.

How to submit your application online

Remember, when you are filling out the application to put a check in the box to have your game-hunting license refunded if you are unsuccessful in the draw.

If you have any question concerning regulations , hunt dates,  deadlines, or draw results,
call (1-888-248-6866 or 1-505-476-8000)

or go to the New Mexico Game and Fish website at

If you choose to hunt with S-S Outfitters here is some pertinent
information pertaining to the preparation of your hunt:

  1. Unless you are driving your own vehicle, you will need to fly into El Paso, TX., Roswell International Air Center Airport, or you can make arrangements to fly into the Ruidoso Airport (this is a regional airport).

  2. Next you will need to make arrangements to take a shuttle or rent a vehicle in order to get to Ruidoso, NM. Once you are in Ruidoso we will arrange a place to meet, then head to camp from there. If you choose to fly into Ruidoso we will pick you up at the airport.

  3. We recommend that you have your gear and weapons sent to S-S Outfitters VIA UPS, prior to your arrival. This will save you the hassle of hauling your gear around the airport or hassle with lost luggage (which could take time away from your hunt. You can also have your gear shipped back home after the hunt.)

  4. We have had hunters that flew out here with a one-way ticket and then leased a small U-Haul van. The lease of the U-Haul would save a hunter the expense of shipping meat, antlers, weapons, and personal gear. It is even cheaper when there is more than one person to share the expense. Of course expenses vary to different destinations. You can also get estimates by going to the U-Haul website.

S-S Outfitters
ATT: Rick or Clifford Simpson
27756 Flores Canyon Trail
Glencoe, NM 88324
(575) 653-4249


U-Haul in Ruidoso Downs, N.M. 1-575-378-7117

Ruidoso Shuttle 1-877-903-7483 /1-575-257-1815 or

Sierra Blanca Regional Airport in Ruidoso, NM 1-575-336-8111 or

Looking for the Ruidoso weather report:

For those who are non-hunter guests, check out things to do at the
Ruidoso Chamber of Commerce

Roswell International Air Center Airport


S-S Outfitters requires a deposit of 50% at the time of booking.

The remainder is due 30 days prior to the beginning of your hunt.


The Hunter's Glossary
Bore: The measurement of the interior diameter of gun barrel.
Also, the endless hunting stories of the gun's owner.

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